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Welcome to Abingdon Ranch


 We are dedicated to:

  1. The breeding of ABCA working ranch border collies
  2. The sales of working ranch and trial level stock dogs
  3. The sales of working prospect border collie puppies
  4. The training of stock dogs and lessons for their handlers.

Abingdon Border Collies has a tradition of breeding top ABCA working border collie bloodlines, proven by producing decades of quality working ranch dogs, some who are also successful at competitive USBCHA, ASCA and other trial venues.

Abingdon Border Collies’ objectives in breeding are to produce:

  1. Working border collies that are gentle on sheep but tough enough to work rank cattle
  2. Border collies with excellent temperament
  3. Athleticism combined with durable conformation in a working ranch stock dog
  4. Innate training ability that results in a biddable, proficient working border collie

Basic obedience training of our border collie puppies begins at 8-10 weeks. Puppies are exposed to stock at about three-six months of age and will be introduced to working stock as they show interest and the mental maturity to handle stock handling pressure.

All stock dogs at Abingdon Border Collies are trained with international herding commands, using both voice and whistle. In addition a number of Abingdon Border Collies dogs have gone on to train for trials in agility, obedience, working stock, frisbees and fly ball, as well as therapy dogs, ranch dogs and family companions.

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