Abingdon Border Collies
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Qualifying for the USBCHA Finals twice and once at thirteen months old this red and white long coated border collie had quite the road ahead of her to qualify the second time. Shortly before qualifying for the USBCHA Finals, Thong inhaled a bent grass seed and suffered from chronic pneumonia until a veterinarian took x-ray's revealing the seed that had been inhaled into her left lung. Thong underwent surgery to try and remove the seed, however it was not able to be removed safely. The veterinarian told Brian that the only hope for recovery was to retire Thong and quit trialing her. The hope was that with time and rest, scar tissue would develop around the seed and encapsulate it so that it no longer would cause infection. After much thought Brian decided not to go to the USBCHA Finals and retired Thong to heal up. The seed was encapsulated with scar tissue and Thong was retired to a working sheep ranch owned and operated by David and Tracy Briggs in Oregon, where she passed in the fall of 2012.

Thong was a litter mate to Tip, and grandmother to Nell.

Thong - working ranch dog

Thong - working cow dog